Top Quality Spray Booths at Affordable Prices.

Our latest energy saving Booths with a genuine energy saving mode.

F.a.d.s Fast air drying system, speed-up bake time by 50%


by R​eeve spray booths, spray booths specialist  

NRG - Energy saving package

The energy saving package helps the customers save money in the long run by having a smarter spray booth.

With the NRG compressed air is needed as the booth has an air operated ram, this allows the booth to go from spray to bake in a matter of seconds. Also, the control panel can tell if the booth has been left running and can switch it to the energy saving mode which switches the lights off and only runs one fan instead of two. In addition, when the user starts spraying again it returns back to spray and the lights come back on. over time the NRG mode will save you money with its reduced gas and electricity usage.  

Energy saving package can be an extra for all of our booth in our range.

Prices starting at:- £1,500 + VAT, fitted. 

Led lighting 

LED lighting can be added to your spray booth instead of the standard fluorescent lighting. Our LED bulbs are direct bright white light, 4 LED bulbs inside each lightbox.

Prices starting at:- £600 + VAT fitted  

F.A.D.s - Fast air drying system

F.A.D.S helps speed up water-based paints drying time so that the flash off time is reduced by 50% so that the coats can be applied earlier. F.A.D.S work by drawing warm filtered air from the plenum and disperse through the nozzles operating under the lights to create extra turbulence inside the cabin which helps cure the paint faster between application. F.A.D.S have their own mode which is used between spraying coats, but the fast air can be activated manually on bake by pressing the button on the panel if preferred.  

Fast air drying system can be an extra for all of our booth in our range.

Prices starting at:- £5,000 + VAT, fitted.