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Top Quality Spray Booths at Affordable Prices.

Our latest energy saving Booths with a genuine energy saving mode.

F.a.d.s Fast air drying system, speed-up bake time by 50%

 About Us

Here at Reeve Spraybooths we have been building and fitting spray booths and smart repair booths since 1986. In that time we have been supplying quality refurbished spray booths nationwide, from local small businesses to main stream dealerships. And since 2010 we have been making and building our own brand new booths.

Our superb new range starts with our Smart repair booths at £8,000 and ranges up to the top spec at £27,499. The installation of a new booth takes approximately 3 days, including input and extract ducting through the roof/wall of the building and extract and input filters in place.  

We also buy and sell a range of top quality second-hand spray booths, from standard size spray booths to commercial & Industrial size spray booths. The spray booths are steam cleaned and, if so, repaired before being sold on. Contact us for quotes for any spray booths we have in stock and we hope you enjoy browsing our available booths.

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